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Immigration to Canada from India

Immigration to Canada from India

Approximately 4% of Canada’s expat population is made of citizens with Indian origin, and Toronto is the city hosting the majority of them. At the level of 2018, there were more than 1.6 million Indians residing in Canada, as the country is very appealing from both employment and business points of view.

Immigration to Canada from India is possible in several ways, so if you are an Indian citizen and want to move here, you can rely on the support of our law firm. Our immigration lawyer in Canada is at your service with complete relocation services.

The main ways through which Indian citizens can move to Canada

Canada is seen as one of the best countries to live in the world. One of the main reasons is the numerous programs created by the government and which allow immigration to Canada from India, as well as from other countries. Among these:

  • the Express Entry Stream which is made of 3 programs;
  • the Provincial Nominee Programs;
  • the Quebec Immigration Scheme;
  • various entrepreneur streams;
  • family reunification programs.

With such large numbers of Canadian residents, many Indian citizens choose to reunite with the families and join them here. The Super Visa program is one of the simplest ways of bringing parents to Canada.

If you decide to move to Canada from India and need support, our immigration lawyer can help you enter the most suitable program for you.

Investor immigration programs can also be employed for obtaining a residence permit in Canada. Such schemes, which enable businesspeople to relocate and launch their own businesses, is available in almost every province. You can relocate to the desired Canadian province or territory with the assistance of our specialists.

Regardless of where you are moving from, we can assist you. You can employ particular programs, for instance, if you wish to immigrate from the United States to Canada. You may trust on us for Canada as the two nations have been cooperating closely to make moving from one country to the other as simple as possible for both American and Canadian people.

Immigration to Canada from India through the Express Entry Program

One of the best programs through which you can relocate to Canada from India is the Express Entry Scheme which is made of 3 categories of visas you can apply for. As its name says, the program was created to enable applicants to move here as soon as possible.

There are 2 steps you need to complete for immigration to Canada from India under the Express Entry scheme:

  • taking the language test (English or French);
  • filing the information required under one of the 3 subclasses alongside a valid passport.

Among the particularities of this program, an Indian citizen must know that under the Canadian Experience Class, he or she must have worked in Canada previously for a minimum period of 12 months. Alternatively, the Federal Skilled Trades subclass does not require any work experience in Canada.

If you want to move to Canada from India under this program, we recommend getting in touch with our immigration lawyer in Canada and find a suitable alternative.

Obtaining Canadian citizenship is subject to various criteria, particularly when family ties are involved. The law offers several options that in other countries are not available, which is a great advantage offered by the government. Contact us if you require assistance. Our Canadian attorneys can assist you.

Relocating to Canada from India under the Provincial Nominee Programs

Most foreign citizens who decide to immigrate to Canada choose the Provincial Nominee Program as it is more flexible. Under it, most Canadian provinces and territories have their own requirements and subprograms, thus making the experience of immigration to Canada from India more personalized.

Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia are among the provinces to have some of the most advantageous immigration schemes.

Our Canada-based immigration law firm is at your service if you want to relocate here from India and need support.

Indian citizens in Canada

As mentioned above, there are more than 1.6 million Indians who live in Canada, and according to this data:

  • more than 1,5 million of them are Indian citizens;
  • nearly 200,000 of them are non-resident Indian citizens;
  • the largest community of Indian citizens lives in Ontario, which accounts for 774,495 residents with Indian origins;
  • Ontario is followed by British Columbia with an Indian population of 309,315 inhabitants.

If you are interested in immigration to Canada from India, feel free to contact our immigration lawyers for guidance in choosing and applying for a suitable type of residence permit.