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Temporary Resident Visa for Canada

Temporary Resident Visa for Canada

Foreign citizens who come to Canada can stay here temporarily or permanently, depending on the type of visa they apply for. In some cases, temporary residency is required before settling here on an indefinite term, however, there is also the option of moving here for good right from the beginning.

The temporary resident visa (TRV) for Canada is one of the most sought types of residence permits as it targets categories of immigrants who first want to find out they can adjust to the living conditions, or simply are detached for a limited period of time to this country.

No matter the situation you are in, if you want to apply for a temporary resident visa for Canada, our immigration lawyer is at your service. You can also rely on us if you are interested in permanent immigration to Canada.

Types of temporary resident visa for Canada

There are three main categories of immigrants who can apply for a temporary resident visa for Canada:

  • students;
  • visitors;

It is worth noting that if you want to move here temporarily you need to fulfill specific requirements in order to obtain a temporary resident visa. The details can be provided by our immigration lawyer in Canada.

You can rely on us if you want to obtain a residence permit in Canada.

Via the Express Entry Program, Americans can relocate to Canada in one of the shortest ways possible. Selecting a province that takes part in the program and submitting your application to the local administration are both required. If you are accepted, you must then apply for a resident visa from the federal government and move from the United States to Canada.

Conditions for obtaining a TRV in Canada

Persons who want to immigrate to Canada by applying for a TRV must meet the following conditions:

  1. they must be 18 years old and this visa must be the first they have applied for;
  2. they have a valid passport with at least one blank page for the stamp (it is recommended for the passport to have a 6 months validity);
  3. they must have clean criminal records which must be approved by a court of law;
  4. if the documents are in another language than English or French, these must be translated into one of these;
  5. they must pay all the necessary fees before the visa is issued;
  6. they must also make proof of self-sustenance alongside health certificates (where the case requires);
  7. they must produce evidence of their temporary stay in Canada (such as a flight ticket).

Depending on the reason for applying for the temporary resident visa for Canada, other documents will be required.

Programs for investor immigration may also be used to obtain a residence permit in Canada. These programs, which let businesspeople move and start their own companies, are accessible in practically every province. With the aid of our professionals, you can move to the specified Canadian province or territory.

If you plan to move here, you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Canada for assistance in various matters, among which the most important is the visa application procedure. We can also help you apply for citizenship. If you’re interested in the qualifications for Canadian citizenship, it’s crucial to understand that there are several ways to obtain it. The three that are utilized the most frequently are marriage, ancestry, and naturalization. Based on your specific situation, our immigration lawyer might be able to help you apply for a Canadian passport.

The temporary resident visa for students coming to Canada

The temporary resident visa for Canada is one of the best ways for students who want to come here. In order to obtain it, one must first find a university to enroll in and apply for one of its courses. Upon admission, the foreign citizen can apply for the TRV and the student permit.

Foreign students must file Form IMM 1294 when applying for the study permit. You can obtain more information on the documents from our Canada-based immigration law firm.

The temporary resident visa for work purposes in Canada

Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants for work purposes every year. The country even has numerous programs targeting foreign employees, however, the temporary resident visa for Canada remains one of the safest ways of moving here.

Apart from the conditions and documents mentioned above, the person applying for a temporary work permit for Canada must also file proof that the employer is not on the ineligible list or does not provide employment in specific industries.

An important aspect to consider when applying for a temporary resident visa for Canada for work purposes is that the applicant has a 2-weeks window if they decide for the Global Skills Strategy Scheme.

As mentioned above, there are various programs enabled for foreign workers seeking to apply for a residence permit in Canada and you can obtain assistance in applying for the right TRV from our immigration lawyers.

The visitor visa for Canada

Foreign citizens who want to come for tourism purposes but stay for a longer period of time can apply for a visitor visa. They need to make proof that they will not study or work in Canada for the duration of stay.

No matter the type of temporary resident visa for Canada you are interested in, do not hesitate to direct your questions to our lawyers. We can also help you if you decide that the temporary stay does no longer suit your needs and you wish to apply for a residence permit in Canada.

Immigration statistics in Canada

Canada is one of the most visited countries in the world, however, it also welcomes more than 130,000 foreign students every year, which is why the number of applications for TRVs is quite high.

According to Statista.com, in 2019:

  • more than 300,000 foreign persons immigrated to Canada;
  • most of them – close to 140,000 foreigners – lived in Ontario;
  • the second most sought immigration province was Quebec with nearly 45,000 immigrants;
  • a little over 43,000 foreigners moved to British Columbia last year.

If you plan on applying for a temporary resident visa or for Canadian citizneship, please contact us.

We can also assist entrepreneurs who are interested in obtaining the Canada investment visa, if applicable after being in the country for temporary purposes.