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Express Entry Canada

Express Entry Canada

At the beginning of 2022, Canada has around 100 programs through which foreign citizens can move here. With so many possibilities, the number of immigrants is an important one. Among them, the Express Entry Canada scheme is one of the most appealing for various reasons. Being able to apply for the program online and having 3 sub-schemes are some of its main advantages.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Canada explain the main conditions you need to meet in order to qualify for the Canada immigration express program.

The Express Entry Canada – what is it and how can you apply for it?

In order to know how the program works, it is worth understanding that Canada’s immigration schemes are divided into federal and provincial/territorial subclasses. The Express Entry scheme is a federal program that has under its umbrella the following:

  • the Canadian Experience Class (CEC);
  • the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW);
  • the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST).

Each subclass has its own requirements and to find out if you meet the eligibility criteria you should find out the requirements of each category. Our immigration lawyers in Canada can guide you through them.

Entering this program implies a two-step procedure:

  • in the first phase you must take a language test (English or French);
  • in the second phase you must submit detailed information about your educational background and a valid passport.

Based on the information submitted, an assessment report will be issued, and you will know the category you can apply for.

The spouse visa is also a route to obtaining a Canadian residence permit. There are various requirements to meet when applying for it, such as sponsorship conditions to be fulfilled, however, our immigration lawyer can help you. Contact us if you need guidance in filing for such a visa.

There are many benefits when it comes to immigration to Canada from the United States. Among these, the two countries are neighbors which enables Americans to travel and see their families and the other way around. At the same time, our lawyers can also help them brining their relatives to Canada.

The conditions of the Canadian Experience Class

The Express Entry Canada under the CEC is available for persons who have already worked in Canada. Additionally, other requirements must be met:

  1. the applicant must have worked in Canada at least 12 months;
  2. the employment must have been in one of the 0, A, or B National Occupational Classes (NOC);
  3. between the work period and the time of the application must have passed at least 3 years;
  4. a 7 English or French level of language knowledge is required.

If you meet these requirements, Canada immigration express through the CECis one of the fastest ways of obtaining permanent residency here. You can obtain a PR card in 3 months.

Feel free to ask for more information on the Canadian Experience Class from our immigration law firm.

One of the quickest paths to permanent residency is the Provincial Nominee Program. It also makes it possible for applicants to become eligible for Canadian citizenship because they were able to quickly receive their residency cards. Contact us if you’re interested in doing this to get a Canadian passport.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program

Foreign citizens who do not have prior experience in the Canadian labor market can apply for the Express Entry Canada scheme under the Federal Skilled Worker subclass. This also has specific requirements which imply:

  • at least 12 months of experience in the past 10 years;
  • the work must have been related to the 0, A, or B NOC;
  • good knowledge of English or French (a minimum level of 7, according to the Canadian testing requirements);
  • at least a high school diploma is also required.

The main condition of this subclass is for the applicant to be willing to live in Quebec. It is also possible to bring family members along, as long as he or she has the financial means to support the dependents.

There are also other ways to move to Quebec, and our specialists can help you apply for them.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program

The third subclass of the Canadian Express Entry scheme is the FST. As its name says, this subclass targets skilled people. One must have a job offer from a Canadian company or the documents to prove their qualifications.

This is the subclass with the least requirements, and it is intended for persons willing to live in any other province or territory than Quebec. Also, the minimum language level for the Federal Skilled Trades Program is 4 for both English and French, whichever the applicant qualifies for.

Do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer in Canada for information on all the requirements of the Express Entry Canada program.

 NOC codes

As it can be seen above, the Canada immigration express program is linked to specific skills that are classified under the National Occupational Classes – NOC. There are 10 categories of these codes and they are grouped under:

  • management jobs;
  • business, finance, and administration jobs;
  • natural and applied sciences jobs;
  • healthcare jobs;
  • education, law and social, and government services jobs;
  • art, culture, recreation and sport;
  • sales and services jobs;
  • trades, transport and equipment operating jobs;
  • agriculture and other natural resources-related jobs;
  • manufacturing jobs.

If you are interested in Express Entry Canada and need support in filing for it, you can rely on our immigration law firm for support. Contact us for detailed information on all your immigration options.