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Immigrate to British Columbia

Immigrate to British Columbia

If you want to immigrate to Canada, you can decide on one of the provinces or territories of the country by applying for any of the programs available. While some are created by provincial/territorial governments only, others rely on the cooperation between the Canadian and the local governments, such is the case of British Columbia.

Below, our immigration lawyer in Canada explains how you can immigrate to British Columbia, should you decide on this program. You can rely on us for support in applying for a residence permit here.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The scheme developed by the federal and provincial governments falls under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), hence its name the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP). An important aspect about it is that it is divided into 2 classes depending on the reason of relocation.

Here are the two classes of the BCPNP for those who want to immigrate to British Columbia:

  • the British Columbia Skills Immigration scheme;
  • the British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration class.

The main advantage of this scheme is that it addresses both skilled persons seeking to relocate to Canada based on employment, as well as to those interested in exploring their entrepreneurial options.

We kindly invite you to discover other immigration programs if you want to move to Canada.

Over time, our lawyers have helped many people immigrate to Canada from the United States. This is why, if you are considering moving in the near future, you can also rely on us. Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your options with one of our specialists who will be glad to guide and advise you.

It is not difficult to become a resident of Canada. It entails deciding on an immigration program and making sure you meet all of its standards. Our attorneys can assist you in locating prospects and making the most of your chances to emigrate and obtain residency in Canada under one of the available immigration schemes.

We can assist you with the application for citizenship in Canada. The quickest way to get a passport in this country is to have permanent status. You need to have lived here for a minimum of five years in order to achieve it. The process is not difficult, but it does take attention. So, get in touch with our immigration attorneys if you need assistance.

How to immigrate to British Columbia through the Skills Immigration class

The British Columbia Skills Immigration scheme aims at attracting foreign citizens who have the necessary skills to enter the Canadian labor force and add value to it. The good news is that persons who decide to apply for the BCPNP through this program have several sub-categories they can choose from, namely:

  1. the British Columbia Skilled Worker;
  2. the British Columbia Healthcare Professional;
  3. the British Columbia International Graduate;
  4. the British Columbia International Post-Graduate;
  5. the British Columbia Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker (ELSS).

Each has its requirements and enables applicants to immigrate to British Columbia by meeting specific requirements. The most important advantage is that they address various types of skilled migrants, and they are open to citizens all over the world.

Apart from this, it is also possible to relocate to British Columbia through the Express Entry Stream, our Canada-based immigration law firm can provide all the details.

The British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration option

Entrepreneurs who want to immigrate to British Columbia have a specific scheme they can apply for. This stream is also divided into several categories, among which:

  • the British Columbia Entrepreneur sub-class;
  • the British Columbia Entrepreneur Regional Pilot;
  • the British Columbia Strategic Projects.

The BCPNP Tech program is also a program through which foreign citizens can immigrate to British Columbia. This option is different from the other in terms of processing: visas are issued faster for those who qualify under this scheme.

Details on the conditions of all programs can be granted by our immigration specialists in Canada.

Foreign citizens living in British Columbia

British Columbia is a sought destination among foreigners, which is why their number is quite high. According to data provided by Statista.com:

  • between 2018 and 2019, British Columbia welcomed 43,135 immigrants;
  • between 2019 and 2020, the number of immigrants increased, with 44,899 applications being accepted by the local authorities;
  • the predominant group of British Columbia’s population is that people aged 45 to 64.

If you decide to immigrate to British Columbia and need support, feel free to contact our local consultants.