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Super Visa in Canada

Super Visa in Canada

Foreign citizens who have moved to Canada and obtained permanent residency and citizenship can bring their parents and grandparent through the Super Visa program. This is one of the family reunification options these have to gather with their extended families.

Below, our immigration lawyer in Canada explains the eligibility criteria for this scheme. We kindly invite you to use our services if you want to apply for a super visa in Canada for bringing your loved ones here.

The Parents and Grandparents program in Canada

Also known as the Super Visa scheme, this program has been created for the parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents and foreigners who obtained Canadian passports. Family members can obtain multiple-entry visas with a validity period of 10 years. Each holder can stay in Canada for up to 2 years at a time.

It is also possible for one’s family to visit a Canadian relative based on a regular visa. However, the main difference between them is the short validity of the visitor visa which is 6 months.

One of the most popular and secure methods for obtaining residency in Canada is through the Quebec Nominee Program, which is part of the Provincial Nominee Scheme. You are looking at a 2-step immigration process in this sense because the program was designed by the federal government in collaboration with the local governments in each province.

Obtaining a super visa in Canada is not complicated, however, there are certain requirements to meet by the Canadian permanent resident who must sponsor his/her family. You can rely on our immigration law firm for support in family reunification matters. If you are interested in a visa for another country, such as Malta or the Netherlands, we can put you in touch with our local partners.

Sponsorship requirements under the super visa in Canada

If you want to bring your parents or grandparents to Canada, you meet specific sponsorship requirements. These are:

  1. you must meet the minimum income threshold (the amount is calculated on a year-to-year basis and depends on the number of family members you want to bring to Canada);
  2. you must submit the latest tax return you have filed with the Canadian tax authorities– Notice of assessment line 150;
  3. secure a Canadian health insurance worth at least 100,000 CAD with a validity of one year;
  4. draft a sponsorship letter that will be filed by the family member(s) joining you in Canada.

We kindly invite you to discuss all relevant information on the minimum wage requirements necessary to sponsor family members under the Parents and Grandparents program. You should note that the amount depends on the number of applicants you want to sponsor.

The program is open to citizens of countries all over the world who have relocated to Canada. So, feel free to address our immigration lawyers in Canada for support for the successful relocation of your family members here.

One of the quickest routes for Americans to move to Canada is through the Express Entry Program. It involves deciding on a province that participates in the program and submitting your application to the neighborhood administration. If you are successful, you must subsequently submit an application to the federal government for a resident visa and then relocate from the USA to Canada.

How to apply for a super visa for Canada

Applying for a Canadian super visa is not complicated. The procedure is started by the sponsor who must file an Interest to Sponsor application, followed by the information requested by the immigration authorities. The family member(s) traveling to Canada must also have valid passports at the time of the application.

The main advantage of the Canadian parents and grandparents visa is the quick processing time of approximately 8 weeks.

In 2021, the authorities invited 30,000 permanent residents to submit their applications for a super visa for Canada. For 2022, we invite you to discuss your options with our immigration specialists.

Many people who relocate decide to apply for citizenship in Canada. This occurs because the country is one of the most advanced in the world in terms of economic development but also great living conditions for expats. If you decide to take this course, you may rely on our regional specialists to outline the necessary steps.

What to consider when applying for a Canadian super visa?

Here are the main aspects to take into account when applying for a parents and grandparents visa for Canada:

  • the income requirements are different from year to year, so for 2022, we invite you to discuss with our lawyers;
  • you can bring from one to more than 7 family members to Canada;
  • different requirements may apply from province to province;
  • the government usually invites around 30,000 permanent residents to apply for super visas.

Feel free to address our immigration lawyers for assistance in applying for a super visa in Canada.