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Family Reunion Visa in Canada

Family Reunion Visa in Canada

Canada has a large number of immigrants thanks to the programs it has enabled over time and that have attracted workers and entrepreneurs. Compared to other countries, Canada encourages family immigration, however, not all people choose to establish themselves here with their entire families at first. This is why the government has also enabled family reunification visas for those joining their relatives here.

The family reunion visa in Canada is sought by those who want to bring their close relatives here. The main requirements to be met are explained below by our immigration lawyer in Canada who can also offer support in various types of relocation matters.

Who can relocate here under the family reunion visa in Canada?

The family reunification visa is available for a wide range of family members interested in immigration to Canada by joining their relatives. Among these, the following categories of citizens can apply for such a visa:

  • the spouse or civil partner of a person who is a Canadian resident;
  • the dependent child of a Canadian resident;
  • grandchildren can also relocate here under the family reunion visa in Canada;
  • the parent or step-parent of a Canadian resident;
  • a legal guardian or tutor of person who is established in Canada.

There are also a few conditions that must be met by the person supporting his/her relatives in joining them in Canada. One must be a Canadian resident or citizen. Also, the immediate family member must plan on staying in the country for 15 days or more. For shorter visits, other types of visas are available.

It should also be noted that in some cases close family members are allowed to immigrate to Canada at the same time the main applicant obtains his/her residence permit, while others are not eligible for immediate relocation, but can join their family later.

If you want to migrate to Canada, do not hesitate to solicit the assistance of our immigration lawyers who can provide in-depth support.

You can rely on our immigration attorneys if you require assistance with the application for a Canadian residence permit. We are available to help you select a suitable program and submit the necessary paperwork to move here as soon as feasible. Make contact with us so that our experts can assist you in choosing the right visa.

If you intend to immigrate from the United States to Canada, we are at your disposal, no matter the province or territory you decide on. Our lawyers are at your service with tailored solutions that fit your needs, including if you want to be closer to your home country for frequent travels.

Extended family members seeking to join Canadian residents

The family reunion visa in Canada is also available for other relatives of Canadian residents who want to join them. Brothers and sisters, stepbrothers and sisters, adult children and grandparents are welcome to reunite with their families in Canada. It should be noted that these requirements also apply to US citizens who want to move based on family reunification.

It is also possible for relatives for Canadian temporary residents to come and join their families here, however, the visa is usually employed by civil partners who want to live with their future spouses. It should be noted that close family members who come to Canada based on family reunion visas are not allowed to complete certain activities.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada is at the service of those who want to move here and need support in preparing for a correct relocation procedure.

We can also assist you in applying for Canadian citizenship. This involves having resided in Canada for at least five years and having made at filed tax returns in the region you settle. Contact us if you meet these conditions. As soon as possible, our attorneys will walk you through the citizenship application process and provide you with explanations.

Documents associated with obtaining a family reunion visa in Canada

When it comes to the documents that need to be prepared for obtaining a family reunification visa, the sponsor (Canadian resident or citizen) must prepare a minimum set of papers which include proof of his residency or citizenship and the relation with the family member joining them. In certain cases, the Canadian resident must also file authorization and statutory declaration to bring a relative to Canada.

Foreign citizens joining their families must also prepare various documents, among which their passports and proof of the relationship with the Canadian resident or citizen.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada can provide detailed information on the documents to file when applying for family reunification.

Canadian family reunification visas based on the region to live in

Canada is divided into several provinces and territories that have their own regional governments and that enable specific immigration rules, including for family reunification. This is why, when seeking to apply for a family reunion visa in Canada, it is important to inquire about the particularities imposed at this level.

Our immigration specialists can provide tailored assistance from this point of view. We kindly invite you to watch our video on this subject:

Immigration statistics in Canada

Canada welcomes around 300,000 immigrants every year, according to statistics. Based on the latest numbers:

  • in 2020, the country accounted for a record in terms of immigrants – nearly 8 million people, or 21.5% of the entire population;
  • in 2020, the number of new immigrants was 284,387;
  • at the level of the same year, 110,534 of them obtained the status of Canadian citizens.

If you want to apply for a family reunion visa in Canada, do not hesitate to contact our immigration law firm.