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Obtain Citizenship in Canada

Obtain Citizenship in Canada

Most foreign citizens who migrate to Canada are interested in obtaining permanent residence followed by citizenship. This is one of the most appreciated immigration destinations in the world and it has specific regulations for those who want to obtain Canadian citizenship.

There are various ways of obtaining a Canadian passport.

Below, our immigration lawyer in Canada presents the main steps toward citizenship. If you are interested in applying for a Canadian passport, you can rely on our immigration law firm for tailored assistance.

Who can apply for citizenship in Canada?

There are no restrictions on the nationality of a person who wants to apply for citizenship in Canada, however, he or she must become eligible for obtaining the passport first. There are several ways through which one can obtain Canadian citizenship:

  1. the first one is by moving to the country and obtaining permanent residence here (naturalization);
  2. the second one is by moving here through one of the specific programs created by the government and obtaining permanent residence;
  3. the third one is by descent if one has one parent or one grandparent who is a Canadian citizen;
  4. the fourth one is by marriage to a Canadian citizen, however, specific requirements must be met by both spouses.

The most common way to obtain citizenship in 2023 is, however, through a residence permit in Canada. Our Canada immigration law firm can help those who want to move here and obtain citizenship.

Numerous people from the US have immigrated to Canada over the years. For this reason, you may also count on us if you’re planning a move soon. Please do not hesitate to call us and speak with one of our specialists about your alternatives. Our specialists will help you find the best way to immigrate to Canada from the USA.

Eligibility criteria for a Canadian passport based on permanent residency

In order to obtain citizenship in Canada, a permanent resident must have lived here for 5 years or for at least 3 years (1,095 days) out of the 5 mandatory ones. Then, the respective person must prove he or she has filed tax returns during these years.

The applicant must also pass a language test and one about the Canadian laws, rights and responsibilities of citizens here. We remind foreign citizens interested in immigration to Canada that French and English are the official languages spoken here.

If you have any questions about Canadian citizenship, we have some of the best immigration lawyers in Canada working with us and who can answer them.

How to apply for Canadian citizenship by marriage in 2023

Foreign citizens who married Canadian ones are eligible for citizenship based on the same criteria applicable to permanent residents. This means that the applicant must have lived in Canada for at least 5 years and must have filed tax returns for at least 3 years before applying for citizenship in Canada.

It is possible for the Canadian spouse to sponsor the foreign one if he or she is not a permanent resident of Canada or does not live here at the time of the application.

There are many immigration programs, including the Express Entry Program, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), and others, that you can apply for if you want to immigrate and get a residence permit in Canada. Each of these programs has its own criteria and requirements for immigration.

Immigration to Canada is simpler compared to other countries, however, the assistance of a lawyer can increase the chances of success significantly.

How to obtain citizenship in Canada by descent

One of the ways for obtaining citizenship in Canada is by descent if one of the parents or grandparents of the applicant is or was a Canadian citizen. For the applicant to obtain citizenship here, proof of ancestry must be filed with the Canadian authorities, alongside other papers, just like in the case of other immigrants.

One of our immigration lawyers in Canada can explain the step-by-step procedure for obtaining citizenship.

Immigration programs through which Canadian citizenship can be obtained in 2023

Canada is one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to programs dedicated to foreign citizens who want to relocate here. Apart from the national schemes created by the federal government, each province and territory have their own programs enabling foreigners to move here.

Through one of these schemes, foreign nationals are eligible for permanent residency followed by Canadian citizenship in 2023.

The Express Entry Visa Scheme is one of the fastest ways of obtaining a PR card in Canada and it mainly targets skilled individuals who can make a significant contribution to the economy through the jobs they take. This program is based on a score point system making it possible for most applicants to obtain high scores and thus migrate to Canada.

Those who obtain the highest scores are automatically granted permanent residency, thus reducing the bureaucracy related to obtaining Canadian citizenship. In their case, the only requirement that remains to be fulfilled is for the applicants to live the required period of time in order to qualify for Canadian passports.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada is at the service of all foreign citizens seeking to enter the country through one of the special programs under which they can obtain citizenship.

Immigrate to Quebec in order to become a Canadian citizen

Quebec is one of the provinces which has a dedicated program enabling foreign citizens who want to move here and apply for citizenship and which is called the Quebec Skilled Workers Program. Under this program, foreign citizens can move directly to this province by obtaining employment with local companies.

A candidate must obtain at least 52 points out of the total number of 59. Also, it should be noted that in this province French is the official language. This program one of the fastest ways to permanent residency in Canada.

It is also possible to first apply for a temporary residence permit and then prolong it until permanent residence is obtained for those who do not have the possibility of obtaining the latter from the beginning.

If you have any questions about any of the programs which lead to Canada citizenship in 2023 or what the fastest way to obtain citizenship is, our lawyers are at your service.

You can also rely on for guidance in obtaining a residence permit in Canada.

The provinces of Canada can also influence who comes to live there. Express Entry streamlines a portion of these Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), while some PNP streams are completely independent of it. If you decide to immigrate to Canada from the United States, you can rely on our specialists if you decide on this program.

How to obtain a Canadian passport through a startup visa

Foreign entrepreneurs more options when it comes to Canadian citizenship. Apart from the schemes mentioned above, a new program called the Startup Visa is now available. This is one of the most advantageous immigration programs for businesspersons who can obtain citizenship and run their own companies here.

It is important to note that through this program, an applicant will be granted permanent residency followed by Canadian citizenship in 2023.

Here are the main requirements to qualify for a startup visa:

  • the applicant must register a business or have a business he or she can relocate to Canada;
  • the candidate must have good knowledge of French, English, or both languages;
  • the applicant must obtain a letter of support from an investment fund or group or obtain financing from angel investors;
  • the applicant must submit proof of sufficient funds for sustaining him/herself before starting to earn a steady income here.

Family immigration is possible through the Startup Visa program and our immigration lawyer in Canada can offer detailed information on the entire procedure of obtaining it. We can also support foreign entrepreneurs seeking to move here by making qualified investments.

We can help citizens of countries like the UK, the United States, and even Australia to immigrate to Canada.

Documents required for obtaining a Canadian passport

The most important requirement to be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship is to hold the status of permanent resident. You must have also complied with all requirements for Canadian permanent residency at the time you submitted your application. Feel free to get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Canada for support with your application.

The following documents need to be presented with the Canadian immigration authorities when filing for citizenship:

  • the application form which must state the intention of settling in Canada;
  • proof of residency;
  • proof of filing income tax returns with the Canadian Revenue Authority;
  • proof of payment of the application fee;
  • other supporting documents in accordance with the status of the applicant at the time of the application.

The documents must be sent by mail to the Canadian immigration authorities.

The procedure for obtaining a Canadian passport takes around 12 months. If you need support in preparing the documents, our Canada immigration attorney can help you.

The benefits of becoming a citizen of Canada

Compared to other countries, Canada offers citizenship to a large percentage of those who move here. Canadian citizenship comes with many benefits, among which the right to vote and even obtain better-paid jobs in important economic sectors.

One important aspect is that Canada allows dual citizenship, meaning that a foreign national can keep his or her primary citizenship even after obtaining a Canadian passport.

Children of naturalized persons will be automatically granted Canadian citizenship without having to go through the same application procedures as their parents. Canada is one of the countries whose citizens can travel freely through many other states around the world.

Immigration has had a positive impact on the Canadian economy which is why the government has enabled various programs to welcome citizens from all over the world. If you want to move to Canada and need assistance, you can rely on our immigration services.

We also invite you to watch a video on how to obtain citizenship in Canada:

Dual citizenship in Canada in 2023

Foreign nationals who obtain Canadian passports can also retain their former citizenships, as the Canadians do not require them to renounce it. However, dual citizenship cannot be accepted in the country of origin of an applicant, therefore, one must pay attention to this matter. Even so, the person can decide what citizenship he or she wants to retain.

Considering that Canada is one of the most advanced countries in the world from a social point of view, obtaining citizenship here comes with many benefits which is why this is one reason to retain the Canadian passport especially for those who want to use to live here.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada can advise foreign citizens who are in the process of applying for citizenship or who are planning to apply for a Canadian passport in 2023 and who do not know how to handle delicate dual citizenship matters. We can advise on the easiest solution to appeal to.

Obtaining citizenship in Canada comes with various benefits, among which:

  • the right to apply for any job in this country;
  • various tax deductions and facilities;
  • the right to enroll in any national school;
  • citizenship for children born here.

These are just a few reasons to consider when having to decide if you want to apply for Canadian citizenship. Also, you need to make sure you comply with all the legal requirements for being issued a Canadian passport.

Employment benefits as a Canadian citizen

Canada offers access to one of the most tangible dreams of foreign citizens: having good jobs that enable them to have good lives. When relocating here to under one of the residence permits the national legislation or program the applicant decided on, a foreigner will be allowed to apply for it under the parameters specified in the respective scheme which usually implies having access to certain jobs and salaries in order to meet the immigration conditions. Also, for a foreign citizen, certain social benefits are restricted. This will no longer be the case when Canadian citizenship is obtained.

As a Canadian citizen, a former ordinary residence permit holder will have access to the entire labor market and all types of jobs. This implies for a person who becomes a citizen of Canada to:

  • to high-level jobs which require special clearance;
  • federal-level jobs.

Apart from ensuring higher salaries, such jobs also come with more benefits compared to ordinary ones.

Also, all social benefits will become accessible, which is what makes the difference between a permanent resident and a citizen of this country.

Our Canada immigration law firm can guide foreign citizens who want to move here in order to apply for a visa that grants them citizenship in the simplest way.

Tax benefits when becoming a Canadian citizen

Apart from an improved quality of life and social perks, obtaining Canadian citizenship also comes with various tax facilities.

When becoming a Canadian citizen, a person must start paying the income tax on worldwide earnings here, which means the levy of federal, provincial, and municipal taxes. However, this also attracts the possibility of obtaining all tax deductions and reductions available at all 3 levels.

Among the most requested such facilities in Canada are:

  • medical expenses;
  • employment-related home office expenses;
  • training credits.

Those who have relocated with their families can also apply for various tax deductions related to childcare and other eligible dependents. Education is also subsidized in Canada under specific circumstances which is one of the main reasons foreign citizens decide to move here.

Another important aspect that has to do with the province one lives in is the possibility of obtaining specific provincial tax credits. Also, municipalities have their own schemes in place.

It is also possible for Canadian citizens to move to provinces or territories in which these benefits are more advantageous. By comparison, these are limited to those who move to Canada under immigration programs that bind a foreign citizen to a specific province or territory, and even a city.

How can our immigration lawyers help

Foreign citizens who have lived in Canada for sufficient time to apply for citizenship can rely on our immigration lawyers for guidance on how to obtain it. We will guide them through the document preparation phase and the application procedure. We will also advise family members who have come as dependents and want to obtain citizenship in Canada.

From explaining all the requirements and steps to complete to prepare the documents associated with obtaining a Canadian passport, you can rely on our immigration lawyer.

Immigration statistics in Canada

Canada is known as one of the most generous countries in the world when it comes to immigration. According to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR):

  • in the past 10 years, an average of 200,000 foreign nationals per year have migrated to Canada;
  • among all Canadian nationals, 21.9% were foreign-born immigrants in 2016;
  • in the same year, 1,212,075 immigrants were living in Canada;
  • in the first 3 months of 2019, the Canadian immigrant population increased by 0.3%.

For assistance in obtaining permanent residency and then citizenship in Canada, please contact our immigration lawyers.