Why Immigrate to Alberta?

Foreign citizens interested in immigration to Canada can apply for various types of visas, however, what is even more appealing is that they can choose a province or territory to establish themselves in. One of these provinces is Alberta which offers numerous business and employment opportunities in accordance with the status of the immigrant.

Alberta immigration is possible through one of the national schemes or one of the dedicated programs which enable a foreign citizen to choose to apply for a residence permit in this province. Below, our immigration lawyer in Canada presents the main options and reasons for foreign citizens to relocate to Alberta.

Alberta immigration options

A foreign citizen who wants to immigrate to Canada and is interested in moving directly to Alberta has several options or better said programs under which he or she can apply for a visa, thus increasing the chances of a successful relocation. These programs are:

  1. the Canada Express Entry scheme which is the fastest immigration way to Alberta;
  2. the Business Immigration and Family Sponsorship Schemes which are also available at a national level;
  3. the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) which is available for permanent residence seekers;
  4. the Alberta Express Entry Stream which is mainly dedicated to refugees.

Among these, the first 3 programs are the most sought for Alberta immigration and if you need detailed information on any of them, our immigration lawyers in Canada can offer it.

 The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

One of the best ways to immigrate to Alberta is through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) which is dedicated to skilled immigrants who can comply with the employment needs of the local labor market.  There are three ways to move to Alberta through this program: the first one is the Express Entry system, the second one is the Self-Employed Farmer system, and the third one is the Opportunity Stream.

Foreign citizens interested in Alberta immigration through these programs must complete a two-stage procedure:

  • the application for nomination;
  • the application for permanent residence once accepted.

The first stage of the program is completed at a provincial level with the Government of Alberta, while the second one will be completed at a federal one.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada can support foreign citizens who want to move to Alberta under this program.

Alberta immigration through the Opportunity Stream

Foreign citizens who want to migrate to Canada on a temporary basis before deciding if they want to live here permanently have the chance to apply for the Alberta Opportunity Stream. The program was designed for temporary workers who must meet certain criteria among which:

  • they must speak English or French (language assessment tests must be completed);
  • they must have the necessary studies or experience in order to occupy the positions they apply for.

This program is a rather new one, as it was enabled in June 2018 and its main advantage is that most of the jobs on the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list are available under it. If you have any questions about the NOC, our lawyers can provide all the needed information.

Why immigrate to Alberta under the Self-Employed Farmer system

Foreign citizens interested in Alberta immigration under the Self-Employed Farmer Stream must have managerial experience in the farming field and who can fill in the labor requirements on the local market.

This program is one of the fastest routes to permanent residence in Canada, so if you are interested in moving to Alberta this way, our lawyers can help you.

Documents required for immigrating to Alberta

Upon preparation for Alberta immigration, an applicant is required to prepare various documents. Among these, one is required to have a valid passport (it is recommended for the minimum validity period to be of at least 6 months). Then, the language assessment test, the papers showing the educational background and experience will be necessary.

In the case of Alberta immigration through spousal visa sponsorship, additional documents are required.

Why choose Alberta for immigration

There are various reasons to choose Alberta for those seeking to move to Canada and among these, we can mention the following:

  • it is one of the most affordable provinces to live in with an average annual income per person of more than 90,000 CAD (above the national average);
  • rental rates are also lower compared to other provinces, generally revolving around 1,000 CAD per month per apartment;
  • the persona tax rate in Alberta ranges between 10% and 13%;
  • there is no Provincial Sales Tax, only the sales tax which is only 5%.

If you are interested in Alberta immigration and need assistance, please contact our Canada immigration law firm.