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Immigrate to Canada from Italy

Immigrate to Canada from Italy

Immigrating to Canada from Italy is not complicated especially thanks to the numerous pathways Italian citizens can choose to move here. Meeting certain requirements, drafting various papers and finding a place to live are just some of the steps to complete when moving here. However, for the legal procedures, one can rely on our immigration lawyers in Canada.

Below, we invite you to discover how to make the best of Canada’s special immigration programs. Choose the appropriate one and get in touch with our immigration lawyer once you decide to move to Canada from Italy.

Visas and residence options if you want to relocate to Canada from Italy

Before moving to Canada from Italy, it is imperative that you gather information on your relocation options as there are quite a few.

Here is an overview of the main ways you can immigrate to Canada from Italy:

  • the work visa, one of the most popular visas in Canada due to the abundance of employment opportunities,
  • the permanent residence permit, which can be obtained after residing in Canada for a specific amount of time,
  • the student visa, which can be obtained based on a sponsorship or invitation letter from a Canadian-accredited educational institution,
  • the visitor, student, and business visas.

If you have already decided on a specific program under which you can obtain a residence permit, do not hesitate to ask for the support of our Canada-based law firm to start the immigration procedures.

The Provincial Nominee Scheme is one of the safest and employed ways to obtain residency in Canada. The program is developed by the Federal Government in partnership with the local governments in each province, which is why you are looking at a 2-step immigration procedure in this sense.

There are various ways to obtain residency if you relocate from the US to Canada. People from all over the world can settle down and start new lives thanks to Canada’s many alternatives. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help with the legal requirements for relocation.

How to move to Canada from Italy based on employment

Employment is one of the easiest methods to immigrate to Canada from Italy because there are various federal and provincial programs available for people seeking work visas. In fact, when it comes to immigration by any means, Canada is among the most developed countries in the world.

The open and restricted employment permits are the two major categories into which work visas in Canada are split, and each of these subcategories is further classified. The applicant might select the one that best matches him or her from these. These may also result in citizenship in Canada.

Italians can relocate to Canada under any of these categories, which is why in order to differentiate them, skilled workers can take advantage of the following immigration programs implemented by the Canadian government:

  • the Provincial Express Entry Scheme;
  • the Canada Experience Class Scheme;
  • the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme.

Before immigration, one must also pass the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), through which applicants can determine their scores based on the points they earn for completing particular requirements.

Feel free to enquire with our immigration lawyer in Canada about this system.

The main advantage people who immigrate to Canada from the United States is the language. For citizens of other countries, however, French can be an option if they do not have good knowledge of English. No matter the country you come from, contact us if you need support in moving to Canada.

Italian investors moving to Canada

Apart from employment, Italian investors are also welcome if they want to immigrate to Canada. For this reason, a number of programs are available for entrepreneurs who are determined to develop their businesses or contribute to the local economy in any other way. Here are a few of the programs for immigration that are offered in Canada:

  • the Federal Start-Up Visa Program;
  • the Federal Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Scheme;
  • the Federal Entrepreneur Scheme;
  • the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program and Entrepreneur Schemes;
  • the Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Schemes.

Once you decide to enroll in one of these programs, you can ask for our immigration services. If you need help with the application for a Canadian residence permit, you may rely on our immigration lawyers. We can assist you in choosing an appropriate program and completing the relevant papers so that you can transfer here as soon as possible. Get in touch with us so that our professionals can help you select the appropriate visa.

Not many people who move choose to apply for citizenship in Canada. This happens because it is possible to be granted directly permanent residence through one of the available immigration schemes. However, if you want to pursue this course, you can rely on our local experts who can explain the steps to complete.

Italian communities living in Canada

According to the last census organized in 2016:

  • at the level of 2011, there were nearly 210,000 Canadians with Italian origins;
  • by 2016, their number grew to 236,635;
  • approximately 67% of them lived in Ontario.

If you want to immigrate to Canada from Italy and need support, contact us!