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Immigrate to Canada from Spain

Immigrate to Canada from Spain

For short visits to Canada, Spanish citizens, just like the nationals of 57 other countries are not required to obtain visas. However, if you plan to fly here, you must apply for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). If you are planning to apply for Canadian residency, the requirements are others.

Below, our immigration lawyers explain the main options to relocate to Canada from Spain. No matter the pathway you choose, you can rely on our tailored solutions.

The main ways to immigrate to Canada from Spain

There are numerous routes one can use to move to Canada. Here are the main options you have if you want to relocate to Canada from Spain:

  1. relocation using the Provincial Nominee Program;
  2. moving to Canada through the Express Entry Scheme;
  3. using the family sponsorship programs to establish yourself in Canada.

You can also immigrate to Canada from Spain based on a job offer or with an opportunity for a much-sought profession.

Express Entry immigration for Spanish citizens

As the name of the program says, the Express Entry Stream is the fastest route to getting a Canadian residence permit as a Spaniard.

This system uses the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scoring to rank immigration applicants. Age, education, work experience, and language competence are all taken into account while calculating the CRS score. All you need to do is create a profile in the system and select one of the following immigration programs:

  • the federal scheme for skilled workers;
  • the Canadian Experience Class;
  • the federal skilled trades program.

People relocating to Canada from Spain have a strong demand for possibilities across the country. Some of the employment prospects are provided under Express Entry’s qualified NOC Codes.

We are also at your service if you decide to immigrate to Canada from the USA. No matter what your needs are, you can discuss them with our Canadian lawyers.

The Provincial Nominee Program for Spanish citizens

The PNP was created to assist in addressing the shortage of employees on the Canadian labor market at the provincial level. Any of the provinces enrolled in the program is an option for you to live and work in, and you can submit your application appropriately. Your CRS score will rise by 600 points if this province nominates you.

This is also one of the most employed programs by those who want to move to Canada from Spain.

Our immigration lawyers in Canada can advise on the best provinces to relocate to.

Moving to Canada from Spain based on family sponsorship

The Family Sponsorship Program aims to bring families together and enable them to live in Canada. Only 18-year-old Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to sponsor their spouses, partners, dependent children, and other family members for immigration to Canada from Spain.

You must be able to demonstrate your ability to financially assist the individuals you are helping relocate from Spain to Canada. Consequently, you may meet their basic requirements and live well in Canada until they can do it for themselves.

Foreigners living in Canada

The last census in Canada took place in 2021, during the pandemic, and its results are as follows:

  • there are more than 450 ethnic or cultural origins living in Canada;
  • the largest ethnic group is English – 5.3 million;
  • it is followed by people with Irish descent – 4.4 million.

Also, according to a more recent survey carried out in 2022, 79.5% of the interviewed persons are immigrants, while 47.6% are non-immigrants.

If you want to immigrate to Canada from Spain and need assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with our skilled lawyers.