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Immigrate to Canada from UK

Immigrate to Canada from UK

Canada is a very appealing country to move to for British nationals, especially because of the lack of speaking barriers, as English is a common language for both states. Those who decide to immigrate to Canada from UK will have plenty of benefits, including the possibility of moving here under a special visa scheme dedicated to young persons.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Canada explain the main types of visas available when moving here from the United Kingdom. If you want to move to Canada from UK, our specialists are at your disposal with various services that will ease the relocation procedures.

Types of visas for British citizens immigrating to Canada

Canada is one of the most appreciated nations in the world when it comes to the visas available for immigrants from all countries. For those who want to relocate to Canada from UK, there are several visas they can apply for in accordance with the reason for relocation. Among these, the most popular are:

  1. the Skilled Workers and Professionals Scheme which is can be obtained by those who obtain employment offers here;
  2. family sponsorship visas are also available for those who have relatives living in Canada;
  3. the Provincial Nominee Schemes which allow UK citizens to move to desired provinces in Canada (they usually choose English-speaking provinces);
  4. the Business and Investor Migration Schemes which are available for those who want to open companies in Canada;
  5. the Quebec Skilled Workers Program which is one of the most sought employment schemes in Canada;
  6. the International Experience Canada which allows for temporary relocation of maximum of 2 years.

Based on these options, immigration to Canada from UK can become easy. It is good to know that most of the programs presented above are based on a point-based system.

You receive points based on the information in your profile, according the Canada Immigration points system. Your points will vary based on your age, education, employment history, work history in Canada, and language skills. Your eligibility for different immigration programs is based on your overall point total. You may be eligible to get an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada and eventually settle here.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada can advise on the visa application procedure in accordance with the type of residence permit one wants to apply for.

How to immigrate to Canada from UK based on employment visas

One of the often-employed means of immigrating to Canada from the UK is through a work visa. Thanks to the variety of programs one can migrate to Canada under, applying for an employment visa is rather easy, as the procedure will be completed by the Canadian employer.

In order to obtain a work visa as a UK citizen, one must enroll with job listings websites in order to find a suitable job offer, then go through the point-based assessment system and apply for the selected job. Once the person has obtained a job, the immigration procedure can begin.

Those who want to move to Canada from UK under one of the current employment programs can rely on our law firm.

Family sponsorship as a way of relocating to Canada from UK

When interested in immigration to Canada, a UK citizen who has family members living here can relocate through sponsorship. The requirements are very relaxed, as the sponsor does not need to be a Canadian citizen, he or she only needs to be at least 18 years old and a permanent resident of this country.

Our immigration attorneys can help those who want to immigrate to Canada from UK under a sponsorship visa.

Family sponsorship is also a common way to immigrate to Canada from the USA. Your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner can sponsor your relocation to Canada if they are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Your spouse must be above 18, have no criminal history, be able to support you, not be receiving social assistance, and demonstrate that they intend to stay in Canada when you relocate there in order to be eligible to sponsor you.

Moving to a specific province in Canada

Immigrating to Canada from the UK under the Express Entry Program is one of the fastest ways of obtaining a residence permit for this country. Through this scheme, British citizens can enter one of the provincial schemes mentioned above and move here based on the employment contracts they sign with Canadian companies in the respective provinces.

The Provincial Nominee Scheme is one of the programs under which a UK citizen can relocate to Canada provided that he or she is nominated (hence the name of the program).

Immigrate to Canada from UK under the Skilled Workers Scheme

As mentioned above, employment is one of the main and sought ways to immigrate to Canada from any country around the world, including the United Kingdom. Given the fact that the UK has many specialists in various fields thanks to the worldwide recognized universities, the chance of working in Canada is a great opportunity for citizens of this European country.

The Skilled Workers Program which is available in several Canadian provinces is one of the best ways to ensure quick immigration to this country. Out of all provinces, Quebec is among those preferred by foreign nationals.

Highly skilled and qualified UK citizens who want to relocate to Canada can choose Quebec even if the predominant language here is French. The following requirements must be met in order to move to Canada under the Quebec Skilled Workers Scheme:

  • the applicant must be willing to live and work in Quebec,
  • the applicant must complete the test based on the point-based system and score at least 52 points out of the 59 available.

The most important aspects to consider when taking the test are work experience, qualifications, language level, and educations. Relocating with the spouse and children can bring additional points. Age is also an important criterion when immigrating to Canada from other countries, as this state is keen on attracting a young workforce.

Canada immigration through the Quebec Skilled Workers Program is one of the fastest routes to permanent residence in Canada. Our Canada-based immigration law firm can guide UK citizens interested in enrolling in this program.

How to immigrate to Canada from UK as an entrepreneur

Canada is not only keen on attracting workforce from other countries but also investors. Immigration from UK to Canada can be completed through one of the programs intended for entrepreneurs. These imply different degrees of investments and among the programs, UK citizens can access are:

  • the Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Schemes,
  • the Federal Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Scheme,
  • the Federal Start-Up Visa Scheme.

Each program comes with its own requirements which usually implies investing specific amounts of money in various projects.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada can provide detailed information on the programs mentioned above and the conditions associated with them. Also, if you need support in preparing the documents necessary for moving here from the UK or another country, our specialists are at your disposal with tailored services.

Provincial Nominee Programs for relocating to Canada from the UK

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are one of the most common ways of relocating to Canada from any part of the world, including the UK. British citizens can move here by entering one of the schemes enabled by provincial governments.

There are several conditions to be met when enrolling in such a program, and among them, the applicant is required to have specific skills, education and work experience to be accepted. Considering most UK applicants meet these requirements, they will find it rather easy to migrate to Canada under the PNP.

The procedure of moving to a Canadian province through this program implies the British citizen to apply with the authorities of the selected province and then wait to be nominated.  A particularity of the Provincial Nominee Scheme is that it is linked to the National Government which will accept the applications for immigrant workers submitted by provincial governments. As a matter of fact, this is one of the fastest ways of immigrating to Canada from UK or any other European country.

At the moment, there are 11 provinces that have the program in their immigration schemes, as it follows:

  • Alberta;
  • British Columbia;
  • Manitoba;
  • Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • New Brunswick;
  • Nova Scotia;
  • the Northwest Territories;
  • Ontario;
  • Prince Edward Island;
  • Quebec;
  • Saskatchewan;

Alberta has two programs under the PNP, each with its requirements. While the Opportunity Stream provides for people that have post-graduation degrees, as well as experience in the field they apply for, the Self-Employed Farmer Stream is meant for those interested in farming and agriculture. Each program has its own sub-requirements which is why it is recommended to ask for tailored support from our immigration lawyer in Canada who, apart from presenting the requisites, can also offer valuable information on whether changes have been brought to the program.

What should be noted about immigrating to Canada under these programs is that they can change annually, as the government is always trying to update and adapt them to the specific needs of the respective year. This helps both provinces who can hire relevant personnel for the industries they want, as well as for applicants who can select the scheme that match their relocation options.

Quebec is one of the most appreciated Canadian destinations when immigrating here, however, it is a French-speaking province, which is why for UK citizens moving to Canada, this might not be the first option.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick can be on the list of those who want to move to Canada from UK as their programs are numerous compared to other provinces. New Brunswick, for example, has the following:

  • the employer support scheme;
  • the entrepreneurial scheme;
  • the post-graduate entrepreneurial stream;
  • the family reunification scheme;
  • the express entry labor market scheme
  • the succession connect pilot stream.

UK citizens interested in moving to New Brunswick can rely on our Canada immigration law firm for assistance in drafting and filing the necessary paperwork for a successful application.

Those who decide for New Scotia, the second smallest Canadian province, on the other hand, have a great advantage: that of obtaining the Provincial Nominee Certificate much faster which leads to the permanent residence just as quickly.

Moving to Canada comes with many benefits especially for those interested in living here forever, and British citizens can even apply for citizenship after living here for 5 years during which at least 3 they must have file tax returns in the province they live in.

There are other ways of obtaining Canadian citizenship, one of them being the Startup Visa which is an innovative program dedicated to foreign investors who meet certain financial requirements, but who can obtain financing from a business incubator or another recognized authority.

If you need more information on how to immigrate to Canada from UK under this program, our lawyers are at your service. Below, we have also created a video:

British citizens moving to Canada after Brexit

As the United Kingdom is about to finalize its exit from the European Union, many British citizens seek to move to other countries in order to have the same stability as they had under the EU flag. Luckily, those who plan to move to Canada from UK will not be affected at all by what happens after Brexit, which makes Canada one of the desirable countries to move to temporarily or permanently.

One of the programs under which European citizens, including British ones, can immigrate to the North American state is International Experience Canada (IEC). The scheme is available for UK citizens aged between 18 and 30 who can get acquainted with the regulations and Canadian lifestyle for a limited period of time following which they can decide on permanent relocation here. It is also worth mentioning that the previous experience obtained through the IEC can be used when moving to Quebec under one of its designated schemes for immigrants who require previous experience or living in this province.

In the past few years, important changes have happened in the UK, one of them related to the country exiting the European Union. However, this had a local effect, as it does not affect British citizens who want to relocate to Canada or Canadian citizens with connections to the UK.

Moving to Canada from UK after Brexit does not affect the process in any way, and the candidates for any program can apply just like before. So, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada this year, you can do that without worrying.

Canada is a great country to move to for starting a business or for working, so British citizens will find plenty of opportunities here.

The main advantages of the IEC program for British citizens who want to come to Canada are:

  • the visa for Canada is very easy and simple to obtain,
  • the visa enables a UK citizen to stay in Canada for up to 2 years which is more than enough to get used to this country,
  • it does not require a financial effort to relocate here under this visa.

If you have any questions about the IEC program for UK citizens seeking to immigrate to Canada, you are in the right place, as our lawyers can answer them and provide important tips on how to move here.

Immigration services for UK citizens in Canada

Moving to Canada from the United Kingdom can be supervised by our immigration lawyers here. We can offer advice on how to choose between the programs available, considering not all of them are intended for long periods, and how to score the maximum number of points when filing for immigration.

All your questions will be answered by our professionals so that you know from the beginning how you should prepare and how long you must wait before actually moving to Canada.

British citizens living in Canada

If you need assistance in choosing a scheme under which you can immigrate to Canada from UK, our lawyers will provide tailored advice in accordance with your purpose.

According to a study completed by the United Nations and cited by propertyguides.com:

  • the number of British citizens relocating to Canada has increased by 7% in 2017 compared to 2016;
  • in numbers, 5,800 UK citizens migrated to Canada in 2017 compared to 5,450 persons in 2016;
  • among these, 405 British citizens have obtained permanent residency in Canada in 2017;
  • Ontario has the largest community of British citizens, with more than 260,000 residents.

If you want to immigrate to Canada from UK and need assistance, please contact our law firm. We can also assist with citizenship applications.

Depending on the type of citizenship application, processing times can change (citizenship certificate, citizenship grant for the first time, retention of citizenship, etc.). However, the average time to process an application is 26 months. So, if you are considering Canadian citizenship, you need to start the formalities with the help of our immigration lawyer.