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Atlantic Immigration Program in Canada

Atlantic Immigration Program in Canada

Canada is known for its large number of immigration schemes, and the Atlantic Immigration Program is one of the most advantageous. First launched as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program or AIPP in Canada which closed in 2021, this is a new version of the former one.

The Atlantic Immigration Program addresses those who want to move to one of the 4 provinces in the Atlantic area. Below, our immigration lawyer in Canada explains the conditions and advantages of this scheme if you are interested in it.

What are the provinces you can move to under the AIPP in Canada?

The former program was created for the following provinces that remain the same under the new Atlantic Immigration Program in Canada:

  1. New Brunswick;
  2. Nova Scotia;
  3. Prince Edward Island;
  4. Newfoundland and Labrador.

The scheme is meant to help both employers, Canadian citizens lacking a workforce, and foreign citizens interested in immigration to Canada.

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One of the main advantages of applying for this program is that at the beginning of 2022 it became permanent thanks to the success of the former AIPP in Canada, through which 6,000 applicants were accepted every year starting with 2017.

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Requirements for applicants to qualify for the Atlantic Immigration Program in Canada

The main requirement to qualify for the Atlantic Immigration Program is to have a job offer. This is also one of its main benefits, as, under other schemes, Labor Market Assessment Impact tests are required for employers, however, the AIPP in Canada does not require it. This allows a great number of companies to qualify for this scheme.

Here are the main conditions to qualify for this program:

  • a person must have at least one year of work experience within the past 5 years;
  • the experience may have been obtained in another country or even in Canada;
  • the work experience must enter one of 4 National Occupational Classification (NOC) 0, A, B, or C.

The AIPP in Canada is also open to international graduates who must have a minimum of a 2-year graduate diploma and must have lived for at least 16 months in one of the eligible provinces.

Should you decide on the AIPP, contact our immigration law firm in Canada for assistance in drafting the paperwork.

The important thing you should know if you’re interested in the requirements for Canadian citizenship is that there are various ways to get it. The most frequently used of these are naturalization, ancestry, and marriage. Depending on your circumstances, our immigration attorney may be able to assist you in obtaining a Canadian passport.

Employers designated under the Atlantic Immigration Program

When it comes to entering the Atlantic Immigration Program, it should be noted that not all companies are eligible. These are designated by the local government of each province, but companies are also subject to certain requirements. Among these, they must commit to supporting their incoming employees (and their families, when applicable).

When it comes to family immigration, the number of dependents will impact the minimum income threshold to support them. For a family of 2 for example, the threshold starts at a little over 4,000 CAD. For a family of 4, the lowest amount required is approximately 6,200 CAD. For a single dependent, the minimum amount required is 890 CAD at the level of 2022.

How long does it take to obtain a residence permit under the AIPP in Canada?

Here are the most important aspects to consider when it comes to applying for the program, according to the Canadian’s Government site:

  • endorsement certificates from the employers are usually obtained in 6 months;
  • it takes around 6 months to obtain the residence permit.

In total, you should expect to obtain the Canadian PR in approximately 12 months.

If you want to enroll in the AIPP in Canada, feel free to contact our lawyers for support.