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Immigrate to Canada from the Netherlands

Immigrate to Canada from the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a source of talent for Canada, and many Dutch people choose to move here with the intention of gaining residency. However, employment is not the only way to relocate to this country. If you are considering immigrating to Canada from the Netherlands, you have several options when it comes to both temporary and permanent relocation.

Below, you can discover the main pathways to moving to Canada from the Netherlands, as explained by our immigration agents. Our Canadian lawyers can help you apply for both residency and citizenship.

What does it entail to move to Canada from the Netherlands?

No matter if you want to immigrate to Canada from the US or a European country, including the Netherlands, the process is usually the same and it usually implies accessing one of the programs enabled by the government. Before that, it is important to meet one of the following requirements:

  • own a profession that is in demand and on the NOC list;
  • fill out a Qualification Assessment;
  • take a language exam in English or French;
  • submit a profile for the Express Entry scheme (one of the most common immigration programs);
  • choose one of the Provincial Nominee Programs available to you;
  • apply for studying in Canada from the Netherlands as another entry method.

Based on these steps you can then relocate to Canada from the Netherlands. If you need assistance in choosing a way for obtaining residency in Canada, our immigration lawyers are at your disposal.

Choosing an immigration program to relocate to Canada from the Netherlands

If you are interested in immigration to Canada as a Dutch citizen, an interesting fact is that there are more than 80 options when it comes to relocation programs. The first challenge you will face is determining which immigration program you are eligible for. Because there are different requirements for each scheme, the selection process can be quite challenging. This is where our lawyers can help.

Every immigration program has different minimal eligibility standards. It is crucial to confirm your eligibility before submitting an application.

The Canadian government will ask for a number of documents when you submit your application to confirm your identification, employment history, education, and medical and criminal records. The types of documentation needed vary depending on the program you’re applying for.

Before you decide to move to Canada from the Netherlands, feel free to discuss your options with our immigration lawyer in Canada.

How to choose an immigration scheme as a Dutch national

There are various ways through which you can relocate to Canada as a Dutch citizen, and business and employment are the most common, as the Netherlands is known for the excellent workforce it outsources all over the world. Family reunion, such as marriage to a Canadian citizen are also on the list of means through which one can move to this country.

Our immigration lawyers in Canada can offer detailed information on each of them. The main procedures are also detailed in this article about moving to Canada from Europe.

Cooperation between Canada and the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most important economic partners of Canada in Europe. According to information here:

  • the Netherlands is Canada’s 2nd source of foreign investment in Europe;
  • in 2021, the trade relations between the two countries were USD 8.7 billion;
  • out of these, exports to the Netherlands were valued at USD 4.8 billion;
  • the value of imports into Canada was USD 3.7 billion.

If you need support in immigrating to Canada from the Netherlands, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our lawyers can also help you apply for citizenship in Canada.