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Immigrate to Canada from Lebanon

Immigrate to Canada from Lebanon

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Canada from Lebanon can choose between several types of visas that enable them to stay here for shorter or longer periods of time, including for permanent relocation.

Obtaining a visa for Canada is quite simple in terms of documents to be prepared and procedures to be completed, however, it can be time-consuming, which is why the assistance of specialists is essential.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada is at your service if you want to move here from Lebanon and can help you during the entire procedure and after.

Canadian programs under which immigration from Lebanon is possible

Canada has several important schemes under which Lebanese citizens can immigrate here, however, there are various aspects to consider before applying for one of them. Among these are:

  • checking the immigration quotas imposed by the Canadian government;
  • making sure the program selected is still in place (some immigration schemes are created for limited periods of time);
  • verifying the eligibility conditions for the immigration program selected;
  • taking the immigration assessment test in order to make sure at least 67 points out of the 100 available are obtained.

If you want to immigrate to Canada from Lebanon and need information on the current schemes available, you can obtain this information from one of our lawyers who can also explain the conditions attached.

The current programs are available for those who plan to move to Canada from Lebanon:

  1. the Canada Experience Class Scheme, which is one of the most popular immigration schemes;
  2. the Provincial Express Entry Categories Scheme which was created for those interested in moving to a specific province or territory;
  3. the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme which targets highly skilled immigrants from all over the world
  4. the Family Immigration Class Scheme which was created for those who have family members in Canada and can act as sponsors for immigrants;
  5. several business immigration schemes which imply provincial relocation under specific designated programs and minimum investments.

Our immigration lawyers in Canada are at your service with information on all programs available if you want to move here from Lebanon.

We also offer immigration services to nationals of other countries who want to move here, including South African citizens.

How to choose a program if you want to immigrate to Canada from Lebanon

As mentioned above, there are several aspects to consider when deciding to immigrate to Canada from Lebanon and the first one is the qualification of the applicant or the amount of money willing to invest in order to relocate here based on a business visa.

For those who have family members who are permanent residents of Canada, the choice is simpler as they can be sponsored by them.

Those who want to relocate to Canada based on investment have several programs they can enroll in, however, the Quebec Immigration Program is one of the most sought.

Immigration to Canada from Lebanon is not difficult, as the government issued large numbers of residence permits every year. If you have any questions about how to move here from Lebanon, you can discuss with our lawyers in Canada.

Moving from Lebanon to Canada based on the Express Visa Entry

The Express Visa Entry Program is the fastest way for immigration to Canada from any country in the world, including Lebanon. The main advantage of this program is that it leads directly to permanent residence in Canada. Moreover, this program is available at a national level, therefore applicants can move to any Canadian province.

Those who want to relocate to Canada from Lebanon can apply for a visa under this program with the help of our lawyers.

It is important to know that once relocated to Canada, Lebanese citizens are required to register with the authorities in the city they will live in. Among these, they need to register with the Revenue Agency for taxation purposes.

 Why immigrate to Canada from Lebanon?

Canada is one of the greatest economies in the world and as such it is an important business and work destination for foreigners all over the world, allowing for multiple chances of development.

When it comes to those who want to move to Canada from Lebanon, the following reasons should be considered:

  • immigration to Canada from Lebanon started in 1882;
  • there are between 200,000 and 400,000 Canadian citizens with Lebanese origins;
  • in the past 5 years, around 1,800 Lebanese citizens migrated to Canada;
  • by 2022, Canada plans to issue around 340,000 immigration permits.

If you want to immigrate to Canada from Lebanon and need assistance, please contact our lawyers.