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Move to Canada from Romania

Move to Canada from Romania

Immigration to Canada is for many a great opportunity to start a new life. This is also the case for Romanians who have migrated to this country with the thousands in the past years. Those who haven’t had the opportunity can move to Canada from Romania now under older or newer relocation schemes.

If you decide to immigrate to Canada from Romania, our local experts are at your service. We can offer assistance if you want to relocate here based on employment or family reunion.

Options for persons who want to relocate to Canada from Romania

Those who want to move to Canada from Romania have several options in terms of residence permits. Even if temporary residency is available, most foreigners will choose from the beginning permanent residency. This can be obtained:

  1. through employment which is the most popular option among Romanians;
  2. family reunion, as there are many Romanians who are already established in Canada;
  3. the studentship is also a way for many young Romanians who move to Canada for study and remain here;
  4. investment is also an option for those who have sufficient money and want to run their businesses in a competitive economy.

Employment is by far the most offering option when it comes to people who want to immigrate to Canada from Romania.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada is at your service should want to move and need the details about the steps of the procedure.

If you need support in applying for a Canadian residence permit, you can rely on our immigration lawyers. We are at your disposal with support in choosing an appropriate program and filing the documents for moving here as soon as possible. Contact us and let our specialists help you make an appropriate visa.

How can one immigrate to Canada from Romania through employment?

If you have decided to move to Canada from Romania, the first step is to take a self-assessment test based on the point score system under which one can verify his or her chances of immigration. You need to score at least 67 points to continue with the application.

If you have scored the minimum number of points, here are the main options for a work permit for Canada:

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme;
  • the Canada Experience Class Scheme;
  • the Atlantic Immigration Program;
  • the Express Entry Stream;
  • the Quebec Immigration Program.

The Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most appreciated immigration programs in Canada, as it was created by the federal and provincial governments with the purpose of supplying the local labor market with a specialized workforce.

Should you decide to move to Canada from Romania based on employment, do not hesitate to ask for information from our local immigration specialists, as each scheme is different.

We can also assist citizens of other European countries who want to migrate to Canada.

Family reunification, a suitable option for moving to Canada as a Romanian

Those who want to relocate to Canada from Romania as they have not migrated with their families have several options. Among these, the Super Visa can be obtained by parents of Romanian citizens who are at least permanent residents of Canada.

Spouses and children of permanent residents can also move to Canada from Romania rather simply, by proving their relationship with the PR holder.

No matter the way you decide to relocate, our immigration lawyers in Canada can assist you in applying for any type of visa.

There are various ways through which you can obtain residency if you immigrate to Canada from the USA. Canada has numerous programs through which people from all over the world can start a new life here. If you need guidance in facing the legal requirements for relocation, do not hesitate to contact us.

How many Romanians live in Canada?

A large part of Romanian immigrants came to Canada right after the communist regime ended in 1989. With the freedom to move and immigrate, after 1990, many Romanians decided to leave the country. As such, there are approximately 230,000 persons of Romanian descent living in Canada, according to this site. Also:

  • more than 98,000 of them live in the province of Ontario;
  • Quebec also hosts approximately 53,000 residents coming from Romania;
  • Alberta and British Columbia are also home to 34, 225, respectively 31, 250 Romanian immigrants.

Should you decide to move to Canada from Romania, contact our local specialists. We can also help you obtain Canadian citizenship by marriage. This implies living in Canada for at least 5 years and having paid taxes here for at least 3. If you meet these requirements, contact us. Our lawyers will explain and help you go through the procedure of filing for citizenship as soon as possible.