Spousal Sponsorship in Canada

Foreign citizens who have moved to Canada and have obtained permanent resident status, or even better, have become Canadian citizens, can sponsor their spouses in joining them here. The government has enabled a special program for spousal sponsorship in Canada in order to ease the situation of those seeking to reunite their families and live here.

Below, our immigration lawyer in Canada explains the procedures under which a foreign citizen can move here based on sponsorship from the other spouse or even civil partner. If you need assistance in entering the spousal sponsorship program in Canada, you can fully rely on us.

The Canadian spousal sponsorship scheme

Spousal sponsorship in Canada is part of the Family Class immigration scheme and allows foreign citizens to relocate here permanently through another family member vouching for them. The greatest advantage of this program is that the immigrant will obtain permanent residency in Canada at the end of the process.

The program is divided into two sub-schemes:

  • inland spousal sponsorship;
  • outland spousal sponsorship.

If you are interested in spousal sponsorship in Canada, you can rely on our immigration lawyers who can explain the entire procedure and prepare you for the application.

Inland spousal sponsorship in Canada

Foreign spouses who live in Canada based on student or temporary resident permits, as well as those living here based on visitor visas can apply for inland spousal sponsorship. They can also apply for open work permits, thus easing their integration here.

If you are interested in immigration in Canada, our law firm is at your service for assistance in obtaining ant type of residence and work permits.

Outland spousal sponsorship in Canada

Spousal sponsorship in Canada was first enabled for foreign citizens who have a civil partner or spouse (husband or wife) living here and wanting to bring their family members in Canada. This is how the outland sponsorship scheme was created. Through this program, the foreign spouse can apply for permanent residence while still in the country of origin and during the application process, he or she can also obtain a visitor visa and travel to Canada pending the issuance of the permanent resident permit.

It should be noted that the sponsor is required to fulfill various conditions in order to sustain his or her partner in joining them through spousal sponsorship in Canada. Feel free to request more information on both programs from our immigration lawyer in Canada.

Sponsorship requirements for the spouse living in Canada

There are several conditions to be met by the persons entering spousal sponsorship in Canada in order to support those they want to bring here. These are:

  1. the sponsor must be at least 18 years old at the time of the application;
  2. he or she must be a Canadian resident or citizen, or a person registered under the Indian Act;
  3. he or she must submit evidence of not receiving social assistance;
  4. he or she must make proof of income for sustaining oneself, as well as the dependents.

Also, when the spousal support implies immigration to Quebec, it should be noted that additional requirements apply. Our immigration lawyers in Canada can offer more information on these conditions.

In order to relocate based on spousal sponsorship in Canada, both the sponsor and the applicant must be approved by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Document requirements for spousal sponsorship in Canada

When applying for Canadian spousal sponsorship, the following documents must be considered:

  • the immigration forms issued by the IRCC;
  • identification papers;
  • proof of the resident/citizen status in Canada for the sponsor;
  • proof the relationship with the applicant;
  • proof of previous relationships;
  • information about other family members (if the sponsor wants to bring other family members to Canada);
  • clean criminal records for both applicant and sponsor;
  • health certificates.

Additional documents could be required, however, you can rely on our Canada immigration law firm for assistance in filing the necessary papers.

Why immigrate to Canada?

Canada is one of the most welcoming countries when it comes to immigrants and multiculturalism and, according to statistics:

  • in 2018, Canada has welcomed more than 300,000 foreign citizens;
  • 57% of those persons contributed to the Canadian workforce as skilled employees;
  • 3% of the population has foreign origins, and thus considers itself as a minority;
  • 9% of the entire population is born outside the country.

For assistance in applying for spousal sponsorship in Canada, please contact our immigration lawyers.