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Immigrate to Canada from Russia

Immigrate to Canada from Russia

If you plan to immigrate to Canada from Russia, you need to meet various formalities in accordance with the reason for relocation. In light of recent events, however, obtaining refugee status is also an option for persons seeking to relocate to Canada.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Canada explain the most advantageous ways through which you can relocate here from Russia. However, we offer tailored services, which is why we are at your disposal no matter the way you choose to move to Canada from Russia.

Choose a visa that will enable you to immigrate to Canada from Russia

The first step to relocate to Canada from Russia is to select a program to enter the country, as you have plenty of opportunities from this point of view. So, making a good decision can speed up the immigration process.

Here are some of your main options for immigration to Canada:

  • Express Entry Schemes;
  • Provincial Nominee Programs;
  • family sponsorship;
  • business immigration;
  • the Canadian Experience Class Scheme.

Apart from these, you can also apply for obtaining refugee status if you have no other choice but to move to Canada.

Before enrolling with any of these programs, you need to check your immigration score, which is why you can rely on our specialists for support.

Residency in Canada is quite easy to obtain. It implies choosing a program under which you can immigrate here and make sure you meet its requirements. Our lawyers can help you identify opportunities and make the most of your chances to move and enjoy the benefits of this country.

If you want to immigrate from the USA to Canada, get in touch with us. Our immigration lawyer is here to help you at every stage of the procedure, from applying for your resident visa to getting it. There are a few chores to complete before getting to that point, and they can take some time.

How to relocate to Canada from Russia as a skilled worker

In order to immigrate to Canada from Russia on a skilled worker visa, you must first meet the requirements for a qualifying occupation and then meet the requirements to be included in the Canadian Express Entry pool of candidates.

From there, you can choose from a variety of alternatives to forward your application. If you have a certified job that is scarce on the labor market in Canada, you may have additional options and obtain the residence visa quicker. However, be advised that the entire procedure will take between 8 and 12 months.

First, you’ll need to have an occupation that is in demand, in order for any migration from Russia to Canada to be successful. The positions in demand can be found in the Code of Canada Occupations List.

If want to immigrate to Canada from the USA, you can count on us. We are at your disposal with various services based on your needs. If you need support to draft the papers or advice on how to apply for a specific program, you can rely on our experienced immigration experts for guidance.

Another way to get a Canadian residence permit is through the spouse visa. While applying, there are a number of standards to follow, such as sponsorship conditions that must be met; however, our immigration attorney can assist you. If you need assistance applying for such a visa, get in touch with us.

Move to Canada from Russia through the Express Entry Stream

People who desire to immigrate to Canada from Russia have a high chance of doing that through the Express Entry program.

This process entails having your professional credentials certified so they can be accepted as being able to meet the standard of Canadian employment. However, in certain cases, additional certifications may be required with Canadian professional bodies. 

Each profession, trade, and occupation have a separate skills assessment authority connected to Canadian immigration requirements. For this purpose, you can discuss with our immigration lawyer in Canada who can verify the conditions and then enable you to relocate here the easiest way possible.

We can also help you apply for Canadian citizenship. Permanent residency is the simplest way to obtain a passport here. In order to do that, you must live here for a minimum period of 5 years. The procedure is not complicated,  however, it requires attention. So, if you need support, contact our immigration lawyers.

Provincial Nominee immigration to Canada from Russia

Another program through which you can immigrate to Canada from Russia is the Provincial Nominee Program. As a Russian candidate, you must first get a Provincial Nomination Certificate from the provincial government of the province in which you intend to settle.

Each province has its own requirements, and provincial nominees are given priority for applications for permanent residence. Without a work offer, candidates for Canadian immigration who have a Provincial Nomination Certificate can apply for residency through the Express Entry scheme.

How many Russians live in Canada?

The latest information indicates that there are around 620,000 Canadians of Russian origin living here. Older statistics show that:

  • in 2016, there were 78,685 Russian immigrants in Canada;
  • one of the largest migration rates was registered between 2001 and 2011 when the number of Russian citizens moving to Canada rose from 48,425 to 73,035;
  • 15% of Russian immigrants lived in Quebec, and 12% in British Columbia.

If you want to immigrate to Canada from Russia, please contact our immigration lawyers for support in choosing the most suitable option.