Immigration Services in Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and moving here is the ideal of many foreigners, as the authorities here have eased the conditions for those seeking to immigrate. A particularity of Canada is the fact that many of its large cities do not have such a high population density which has led to the creation of various immigration programs by the government.

If you are interested in immigration in Canada, you can benefit from the support of our experienced lawyers who will explain the ways through which you can move to this country. We can also help you apply for any type of residence permit, in accordance with your needs.

Types of visas available for immigration to Canada

At the moment, citizens from nearly 150 countries need to apply for visas when traveling or relocating to Canada for temporary or permanent stays. Because of this aspect, the Canadian immigration authorities have created various types of visas that match the needs of applicants. The following visas can be obtained if you want to migrate to Canada:

  1. the visitor visa which, according to its name can be requested when coming to Canada for travel purposes;
  2. the student visa which can be obtained based on a sponsorship or invitation letter from a Canadian accredited educational institution;
  3. the work visa which is one of the most requested visas in Canada thanks to the many employment opportunities available;
  4. the permanent residence permit which can be obtained after living in Canada for a specific period;
  5. the business immigrant visa under which foreign investors can settle in Canada by starting a company;
  6. the express entry visa which falls under the specific regulations of the program with the same name.

Most of these visas are issued for temporary stays and are issued for specific purposes which is why it is best to discuss with our immigration lawyers in Canada before applying for one.

How to apply for a visa for Canada

Canada is very different from other countries, and when we say different, we mean that in a good way because this country offers multiple choices upon filing a visa application. If we are to discuss options, the best immigration lawyer in Canada would suggest to first verify if you are eligible for the visa you want to obtain. Here are the steps you should complete in order to ensure a successful visa candidacy:

  • check all visa types and then make a decision on the suitable type of visa;
  • verify with a Canada immigration law firm if the chosen visa suits your interests;
  • gather the documents that need to be filed with the immigration authorities;
  • pay the visa fees and submit the documents with the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country.

You should also consider that if you plan to migrate to Canada based on an employment visa, the employer must also fulfill certain aspects of the application procedure. Our immigration lawyer in Canada can offer detailed information on how the visa application process should be completed.

You can find out more about immigration to Canada from the infographic below:

Immigrate to Canada as a worker

One of the simplest ways of immigrating to Canada is by employment, as this country has several schemes available at federal and provincial levels for those who want to obtain work visas. As a matter of fact, Canada is one of the most advanced nations in the world when it comes to immigration by employment.

Work visas in Canada are divided into two important categories: the open and the restricted employment permit, and each of them has various sub-categories. From these, the applicant can choose the option that suits him or her best.

Skilled workers can benefit the most from the employment immigration programs developed by the Canadian authorities as they can move here under one of the following:

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme;
  • the Canada Experience Class Scheme;
  • the Provincial Express Entry Categories Scheme.

All programs are based on point systems that are granted based on various aspects. Among these, the qualifications and the experience of the future employee are the most important, however, candidates can increase their chances if they immigrate with their families. Also, language knowledge and having other family members living in Canada can be used to increase the immigration score.

One of the most successful skilled worker visa schemes is developed by Quebec. Here, applicants can become permanent residents of Canada provided that they are economically stable enough to support themselves once they arrive.

Another employment-based immigration procedure is available for non-skilled persons who must first find temporary or seasonal jobs in order to apply for work permits. For this type of work visa, the applicant must have at least one job offer from a Canadian employer. The candidates must also have sufficient knowledge of the French or English languages, as well as 2 years of experience in the field they will work in.

Should you need information on how to obtain an employment permit here, you can request more information from our immigration lawyer in Canada who is specialized in such cases. Our law firm can verify the eligibility criteria and help you with the application file.

Immigration to Canada through investment

Foreign investors can also immigrate to Canada, as the government supports investments which is why there are several programs dedicated to businesspersons committed to establishing themselves here by opening companies or making other contributions to the economy. Here are some of the business immigration programs available in Canada:

  • the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program ;
  • the Quebec Entrepreneur Scheme ;
  • the Quebec Self-employed Scheme;
  • the Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Schemes;
  • the Federal Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Scheme;
  • the Federal Start-Up Visa Scheme.

The important aspect to consider when deciding to immigrate to Canada based on investment is that there is a minimum amount of money to inject in the local economy. In Quebec, for example, the amount is 2 million CAD.

One of our best immigration lawyers in Canada can explain all the requirements associated with moving here under one of the investment immigration schemes available at federal or provincial levels.

Family sponsorship as a way of moving to Canada

Foreign citizens who have family members living in Canada can relocate here if the latter act as their sponsors. In this case, family members are subject to several requirements. Among these, they must be at least 18 years old and must have the status of permanent residents or citizens. They must also be able to financially support the immigrant citizen who can be a spouse, child, civil law partner, parent or grandparent, and even brother or sister. Other relatives can also immigrate to Canada if they can be sponsored by a Canadian resident.

If you are interested in obtaining more information in this form of relocation, our immigration attorney in Canada can advise you.

Services provided by our immigration lawyer in Canada

Our Canada-based immigration law firm can help foreign citizens of countries all over the world to move here temporarily or permanently. For this purpose, you will need to give us detailed information about you and the type of visa you are interested in. Based on that, we can help you select the right visa and start the application procedure. We will then provide you with the list of documents you need to prepare, and we will also inform you about the fees to consider. We will also review the documents and organize them as required.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada will treat each case individually so that all efforts go into your case and your request is treated with utmost importance.

Not only do we handle immigration procedures, but we also have a Canada immigration attorney who can handle visa rejection applications, asylum-seekers, and refugees who want to relocate here.

Immigration statistics in Canada

Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world when it comes to its population, as there are many foreign citizens living here. At the level of 2019:

  • there were 313,580 foreigners living in Canada;
  • the number of women who moved here last year was 160,014;
  • the number of male immigrants was 153,566;
  • skilled workers represent the largest number of immigrants admitted to Canada last year – 77,860.

FAQ on immigration to Canada

  1. Are there any particular requirements to immigrate to Canada?

Yes, depending on the type of visa applied for and the immigration reason or program, there are specific requisites to meet.

  1. What is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada? How about the fastest?

The easiest and fastest way to immigrate to Canada is the Express Entry Visa under which one can work and bringing family members to Canada.

  1. How long does the immigration procedure take?

The immigration procedure takes between a few months and one year, depending on your country of residence.

  1. How can permanent residency be obtained in Canada?

The minimum period of holding a residence permit in Canada is 5 years, out of which you will need to live here at least 2 in order to be considered for permanent residency.

  1. What is the easiest province to immigrate to?

Each province has its own immigration schemes among which you can choose, however, most of them are in Quebec.

Canada is one of the greatest countries to move to and if you are in the process or are planning to apply for a visa, our immigration lawyer is at your disposal for guidance. We can help you obtain the type of visa you need in a fast manner. Contact us if you are interested in immigration to Canada.