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Immigrate to Canada from Ireland

Immigrate to Canada from Ireland

Irish citizens have various reasons to move to Canada. Among these, the fact that Canada is much larger and offers multiple work and business opportunities are usually the most invoked motives for choosing this country.

When a person decides to immigrate to Canada from Ireland, there are various formalities to comply with, and the first one is to apply for a residence permit. Then, other aspects must be considered, such as finding a place to live and registering with the Canadian authorities.

Before reaching the final stages or relocation, Irish citizens can rely on our Canada immigration law firm for complete assistance in applying for temporary or permanent residency.

If you are interested in moving to Canada from Ireland, our lawyers are at your service with dedicated services.

Visas available for immigration to Canada from Ireland

There are several types of visas available for those who want to immigrate to Canada from Ireland, however, it is useful to first check with specialists who can offer detailed information on the categories of immigration programs developed by the government here. Based on the information received, Irish citizens will be able to make a decision that will increase their immigration chances substantially.

If you have any questions about relocating to Canada from Ireland do not hesitate to send us your inquiries.

Our immigration lawyer in Canada is at your disposal with detailed information on how to move here from Ireland. Furthermore, based on your personal situation, you will be able to start the visa application procedures once you decide on the type of residence permit you want to apply for.

We can also help you apply for a residency. As a holder of a residence permit in Canada, you have the legal right to live and work anywhere in the country. For example, if you live in one province and want to move to another based on employment or other criteria, you will be free to do that, as permanent residents are not bound to a certain province or employer.

Many Canadian permanent residents who have successfully complete the immigration process look forward to being awarded citizenship. However, they need to be prepared for a lengthy processing time, depending on the province they moved to. Feel free to address our immigration lawyers if you need assistance with your application for Canadian citizenship.

We are at the services of persons who are planning on moving to Canada from Ireland as soon as possible.

No matter where you are migrating from, we can help. For instance, if you want to immigrate from the United States to Canada, you can use certain processes. You can rely on us for Canada because the two countries have been working closely together to make moving between the two as easy as possible for both American and Canadian citizens.

Visa requirements for those who immigrate to Canada from Ireland

Persons who want to immigrate to Canada from Ireland can do that for one of the following reasons:

  1. for employment purposes which is one of the most popular motives for immigration to Canada;
  2. for business purposes considering Canada offers plenty of investment opportunities;
  3. for reuniting with another family member who already live in Canada and who can sponsor them;
  4. for studying in Canada as the education system here is free for residents.

Out of all these options, those who want to emigrate from Ireland to Canada should know that the country has several employment-based schemes. These have their own requirements and the applicant must meet specific criteria in order to obtain a work visa.

Moving to Canada from Ireland is not difficult, and our immigration lawyers can propose various visa options based on your experience and qualifications.

No matter the type of visa you want to obtain, our immigration lawyers in Canada are at your service with detailed information on the requirements you must meet.

Once arrived in the country, we can also help you apply for Canadian citizenship.

You can rely on us if you are attracted by the idea of relocating to Canada from Ireland.

We can assist you if you want to apply for Canadian residency. The Super Visa, which allows immediate family members to work, is one of the most frequently used visas by skilled persons who are sought after by Canadian firms to fill unfilled positions. Get in contact with us if you have any questions about this visa.

How to immigrate to Canada from Ireland based on employment

If you plan to relocate to Canada from Ireland, employment can be one of the safest options, as it provides stability. The Canadian government is keen on attracting employees, as the workforce here does not match the size of the country yet.

With a booming economy, foreign citizens who want to move to Canada will find plenty of work opportunities.

There are two types of work permits that can be obtained as an Irish citizen in Canada:

  • the open work visa;
  • the employer-specific employment permit.

Both types of visas come with residency, however, the requirements for each are different.

The open work permit is issued for a specific time only and falls under the supervision of the Immigration Office in Canada. Its main advantage is that the Irish citizen can work for any Canadian company. This is a great option for those who want to immigrate to Canada from Ireland even if they do not have that much experience in a certain field.

There are two types of open work permits for Canada – the restricted and unrestricted ones. The latter type enables a successful applicant to work anywhere in Canada and on any position available and matching his/her qualifications.

What should be noted about work visas for Canada is that open types can be obtained under designated programs, such as the regular and temporary work permit, the post-graduation work visa, the World Youth Program and the temporary work permit for spouses or partners which is a family reunification scheme that requires one of the spouses to be a Canadian resident.

Restricted work visas are also available for those who want to relocate to Canada from Ireland provided that they have already found an employer. Here, they will be bound to work for the respective company alone.

There are also special work visa schemes that come with several advantages, such as choosing the Canadian province to live in.

If you are interested in applying for a work permit, our immigration lawyer in Canada is at your service with specialized advice and support throughout the entire relocation procedure.

How to immigrate to Canada from Ireland based on investment

No matter if you have small or big plans of starting a business by moving to Canada from Ireland, entrepreneur visas are available for all categories of immigrants.

The Startup Visa and the Provincial Nominee Program are two of the most successful schemes that enable Irish citizens to move to Canada.

Under the Startup Visa, Irish citizens can relocate to Canada by starting a business under very advantageous conditions. Furthermore, they are not required to participate in full to the creation of a business, as they can have up to 4 partners.

The Startup Visa enables relocation with the entire family, so if you decide for this program, our immigration lawyers in Canada can offer all the necessary details about it, especially since these can change from year to year in order to make the scheme as appealing as possible.

Persons who want to relocate to Canada from Ireland can also use one of the Provincial Nominee programs available in almost all Canadian regions. While these offer more diversity in terms of activities one can complete, it should also be noted that the financial requirements are higher in some of them. The same occurs with the qualifications necessary to obtain the investor visa.

Immigrating to Canada from Ireland or any other corner of the world implies meeting various conditions that may change. While some of the programs are created from the start for limited timeframes, others suffer modifications, which is why before choosing one, we recommend you discuss with our immigration lawyer in Canada your options, qualifications and expectations.

Documents to prepare when immigrating from Ireland to Canada

Citizens who decide to immigrate to Canada from Ireland must prepare various documents in accordance with their relocation reasons. One of the most important aspects is that they must have a valid passport at the time they start the immigration procedure.

Particularly, when immigrating to Canada for employment purposes, the job offer or work contract must be filed with the immigration authorities.

When moving to Canada for business reasons, proof of the funds that were invested in the company to be created must be submitted.

We offer tailored assistance to those interested in moving to Canada from Ireland.

Irish citizens who immigrate to Canada to reunite with family members must know that the procedure will begin in Canada and must be initiated by the sponsors (family members living in Canada who must also comply with various financial requirements).

The list of documents to be prepared by those who immigrate to Canada from Ireland can be quite comprehensive and each case is subject to specific requirements. If you are planning to move here, you can consult with our Canada immigration attorney who can advise you.

Do not hesitate to ask us if you have questions about the residence permit in Canada.

Interested in moving to Canada from Ireland? Get in touch with our lawyers right now for an evaluation!

The immigration point score system in Canada

One of the most important aspects to consider by those who immigrate to Canada from Ireland is the immigration point score which is an assessment based on which an individual can verify if he or she qualifies for moving here.

The system is applicable to persons all over the world who immigrate to Canada and implies meeting specific requirements that enable a candidate to gather points based on which a person will know if he or she qualifies for immigration. The minimum number of points to obtain is 67 out of 100.

We can guide you if you want to obtain Canadian citizenship.

Foreign citizens who are planning on moving to Canada from Ireland can rely on our specialists for guidance. We kindly invite you to watch our video below:

Economic relations between Canada and Ireland

Ireland is one of Canada’s important trading partners, however, the two countries cooperate in various sectors. Moreover, Canada is home to an important community of Irish citizens.

According to the Canadian Government:

  • the 4th largest community of immigrants is represented by Irish citizens;
  • 4 million Canadian citizens (14% of the population) claim to have Irish descendance;
  • bilateral trade between Canada and Ireland reached 3.697 billion USD in 2018;
  • Canada exported goods worth 728 million USD to Ireland in 2018.

If you want to immigrate to Canada from Ireland and need assistance, please contact our law firm.